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Hello, I don't have much experience with webbased applications. But I like to connect an Arduino uno via the serial port to a laptop. The Arduino collects temperature readings and send them via the serial port to the laptop.
On the laptop an application (webserver ?) wil receive this temperature readings and display it on a HTML page via the web.

I don't know wich step to take and I hope someone can give me a step by step instruction how to.

Thanks at forehand !


I'm still new to this myself, but I plan to do something similar. Check out the firmata examples, that should get you pointed in the right direction.


To give a more precise answer, I need more details about what kind of web server it is, and how you want the values to be shown there.

Ex. I got a web server on my QNAP nas, I am sending temperature readings and humidity to it by using a C# application, which receives the values from the arduino via the usb connection, then sends those values to my MySQL database, where the php then again fetches it.

How are you planning on doing it?
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Have a look here: http://community.pachube.com/?q=node/12


bld: That sounds like what I'm planning to do. I have something much like a NAS (SheevaPlug to be exact) that I plan to do the same thing with. :)

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