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I don't think it's suited for anything that isn't a fully-blown large enterprise product.

check nr 93 and up - http://www.devtopics.com/101-great-computer-programming-quotes/:)

You are right that it is not afforable at this moment but the Arduino you are tinkering with, OMG, Nasa would loved it in the 60's. There are allready effort to develop graphical languages for arduino but these are not mature yet AFAIK.

With MDD you will tinker just at another abstraction level, An Arduino sketch is in fact the model (in C++)  of how you want the information flow to go. Functions you call like digitalRead() are abstractions of C++/ assembly calls ...

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netduino has promise but a lousy toolchain ,but it has promise in the future sometime ,meanwhile stick with arduino


Maybe netduino vs arduino due is a more of a fair match...

I prefer the hardware side over software and your basic Arduino uno allows me to quickly test and interface with older 5v chips like the 4000 series, eg blink with delay with nice clean edges,  otherwise I'd have to create a 555 or logic oscillator circuit calculate the capacitor and resistor value... well I used to before arduino! Lol

Using arduino to test logic chips, I find an uno to be like a swiss army knife, if I wanted to cut down a tree I'd swap the swiss army knife for a chainsaw, a due or higher.

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