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michael shiloh


The link to the code (on Github) is broken.


Use the "report to moderator" link down on the lower right.
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Uh, the report to moderator is for spam/abuse so they might get annoyed.

There are so many errors - you'd probably have as much luck telling the gods about it as telling people on here. Nothing seems to get corrected...


Isn't reporting this sort of thing what this forum is for?  Thanks for the report, I hope someone gets too it.


Seems like they should have an form for submitting website errors. There is also an error in the code for the MIDI tutorial at  http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Midi   There should be a space between the 'int' and the variable 'note' on line 31 in the 'for' statement it starts with "for(intnote =" but should be "for(int note =".   I tried edit this page but the tutorials are apparently not editable by the standard users as it says I do not have appropriate privileges.


Hi guys.
Thanks for submitting these problems. We'll try to fix them asap.



Sorry to be Mr. Teflon-Shoulders, but Mowcius is quite correct - "report to moderator" refers only to forum spam and abuse.
Our limited powers do not work over at the main site.
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