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Can I use an arduino(UNO or 2009) to bootload an empty atmega328?
If I just remove the arduino chip and stick in the empty atmega it wil work to bootload it?

Sorry for the newbiness :D


Yes you can, you can use the duemilanovae
but not the uno currently(it says a revision is underway :) ),

see this---------->http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP;

once you burn the bootloader to the empty atmega328, you can replace the chip on the uno or use it as a standalone arudino compatible chip  ;)

btw google is your friend  ;)



I saw the tutorial but I was under the impression that I need two boards for bootloading the empty chip.


scroll down,

you can use 2 boards OR 1 board, 1 chip and a breadboard  ;)


Oh, ok, one got to scroll.

But on the left, it says "Because no external clock source is connected, the ATmega must be configured to use its internal clock." So how do I set the empty atmega to use the internal clock?
Anyways, I was hoping that I would only stick the empty chip in place of the one on arduino board, and not using any breadbord, wires etc.


hehe many people would love to be able to do that,
unfortunately its not possible :(,

you need a hardware programmer to configure the atmega328 to
use its internal clock;


then I guess that I have to stick with the breadboard method as shown in the tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoToBreadboard

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