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I've got a project all coded out and I want to move it and put it to use, yet I want to keep my arduino. I know there are cheap alternatives but I don't know what they are. I want to know how to go about transporting my code form the arduino to another micro-controller or something similar so I can have my project work on its own, without the arduino. It's basically 6 LEDs (possibly adding more) two tactile switches and some code, What do I do next? What do I buy?


just get a ATmega328P chip, and use a AVR programmer, you don't even need the crystal if you set the fuses to run it with the internal 8 MHz oscillator.
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Could you explain a little more? I know what the atmega chip is but you lost me at crystal. If you can't tell I'm a bit of a noob:)


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Or get the parts to make a standalone arduino - buy an atemega that has a bootloader on, and these parts from dipmicro: 16 mhzcrystal, two 22 pf Capacitors, three 100nf capacitors, a 10K resistor, a 28 pin socket, and some perfboard to build it up on.
And a 5V wallwart for power.
Program your new chip with your sketch using your arduinio, confirm it works, then plop it into your new board.
Wire it up like so with your parts going go to where I show connectors.

Should end up looking like the little green board here, with connectors as you need for your parts.
This one has I think a 10-pin connector - +5 in (from the PCB on the left), +5v out (to the PCB on the right), ground (from the PCB on the left), serial in (from the PCB on the left) and 3 output lines to each PCB.

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So if I threw the new ATmega chip into the arduino and uploaded the program onto it, removed it and placed it in the new circuit it will have the program on there?

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