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Hey there,
i m doing a progect, that's control a room of my house by an android.
I already have  started study Java, to do phone application.
But i got a question, i dont know which shield i must choose. I have read on some forums, thats more easy doing arduino connection on a network by an Ethernet Shield than an Xbee.
So... Thats the question, What shield i must choose?

Thanks for attencion ;)


You want to control the room by an android device or an arduino?

What kind of data do you want to control? Where do you want deliver the data (another arduino, web ...) What kind of sensors are you using.

XBee blog: http://lookmanowire.blogspot.com/


i will use servo controll my maquette, that maquette will simulate my room,
also i will have some thermo sensors and ga sensor. i want use android to enable/disble servo motor that i will use to control the doors and windows. on next week. i will visit some homes that are full equiped with domotic. so i will have some.news ideas.

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