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I've been working on a pin and software compatible Arduino variant for some time, the Zigduino. It is based around the ATmega128RFA1, which gives it a built-in 802.15.4 radio as well as a good deal more flash and RAM than a standard Arduino (128K and 16K, respectively). It is substantially more electrically rugged than a standard Arduino -- each pin can handle a +/-30V transient.

It is now on sale at http://www.logos-electro.com/zigduino. My sales announcement on my company blog is at http://www.logos-electro.com/blog/2011/6/28/zigduinos-for-sale.html.


Nicely done!  The ATmega128RFA1 is a firecracker.  Nice to see it on a board.  I think I am going to go after one of your prizes.


Have you tested the open air transmit range using the supplied antenna? I do not see any estimates in your product description or any of your documentation.



Achievable range is subject to a great variety of variables. Since I'm not equipped to do a range test to the applicable IEEE standards, I decided it was better to not make formal claims as to range rather than to make ones that I don't have full support for.

That said, you should see range equivalent to the base XBee module, which is about 300 ft outdoors, unobstructed. Your range may vary.


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Aww I've been waiting for another ATmega128RFA1 product on the market but you've taken away a lot of the extra I/O pins (no second USART makes me sad), and didn't give me enough cost savings to justify the missing pins (I take that back... I kind of like it more now). Hopefully you can break-out more pins in another revision

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