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Hello, World.

I'm writing a large enough bit of software that I've blown the stack on the UNO board using the Arduino IDE.  The IDE has no tools (that I know of) for tracking memory usage, produces no map file, and hides a very large amount of source code that gets included in the hex file that actually runs on the UNO.  So I want to migrate to the AVR Studio 4, which has all the usual embedded software tools.

My questions to you, forum, are these: 

1 - where can I find the stuff 'under the hood' of the IDE...like the source files for the USB or TWI?  Is there an URL documenting this?
2 - can someone share a working project for the AVR Studio 4 that compiles for either the Mega 2560 or UNO and will run the USB such that the board will 'talk' to the IDE?  I've found the directiory ../hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/, which contains HardwareSerial.c, but this doesn't seem to work...it compiles but then doesn't run as expected.

Many Thanks!



Search the forums for a makefile.  That's the best documentation of what comes from where.  Once you can build reliably from a makefile you have all you need to set up avr studio.


I have the Arduino "HelloWorld" LCD project, compiled, built and running nicely on AvrStudio 4, haven't tried any debugging yet, but should be ok. Anything in particular you are having problems with. Send me a PM and i can send you the project. Most of the challenge is getting the command settings correct, and the include paths right, as well you need to import the libcore.a library that Arduino creates on a compile.

This can get you started.


as well



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