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If you're interested in creating accessories for Android and the Open Accessory Protocol but don't have experience with developing Android apps then Handbag is for you:

If you can write a sketch for your Arduino, you can accessorize your Android with Handbag:

Code: [Select]
    Handbag.addLabel("Hello, World!", 20);
    Handbag.addButton("LED on/off", buttonCallback);

Handbag consists of an Arduino library and an app installed on your compatible Android device. (Requires Android 2.3.4 or 3.1 and the USB Host Shield.)

The library comes with a number of examples to help you get started including a "multimeter" demo:

Try it out and let me know what you think!




nice, looks to be very handy!

Lets see if I can get hold if 2.3.4 capable device in the UK to try it.



I'd love to test it as soon as I have 2.3.4 on my Galaxy S.

I'm really looking forward to "intelligent" docking stations which just open different apps automatically when plugged in. So when I plug (unplug) my phone in the car it should open (close) a navigation app and (de)activate GPS, at office it should open (close) a SIP client and in the bedroom it should (de)activate the flight mode.


I'm really looking forward to "intelligent" docking stations which just open different apps automatically when plugged in.

I've always wondered how the Nexus One knows it's in a car dock--some systems use a magnet and switch.

What you propose seems plausible--there's a lot that can be done by passing "intents" around (Android speak for requests for certain actions to be performed by another application) and these could be triggered by plugging into an accessory-enabled dock. (I assume this is the approach the current "location-based trigger" apps use basing their choice on the GPS/WiFi location indicators.)

You might like to take a look at this example of starting a background service when an Android USB accessory is connected (as used in my dual-screen Nexus One project) for a possible approach to use.




this might be an easy question for you, but how do I install the handbag app on my device (Nexus S)? I downloaded the .zip file, unpacked it an got a folder. There are two folders in it and three files. I connected my phone to my pc and copied the whole folder on the sd-card, but how to go on from that?


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