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I'm having mixed success using the ArduinoISP sketch to program an ATiny85. It works, but with errors. The sketch transfers and is subsequently running on the Tiny, but I'm getting error messages from avrdude all the same. See below and attached screenshots for additional info.

I have searched the forum, but only found dated threads on this topic. Hoping that someone here might shed some fresh light on it. As most of my projects are quite limited, the prospect of moving to a cheaper and simpler microcontroller is very compelling.

The setup
I'm using the Arduino 022 IDE together with an Seeeduino with the standard ATmega 328.

The IDE has been upgraded with the Arduino Tiny cores from http://code.google.com/p/arduino-tiny/ and the installation seemed to work out just fine. I have also enabled the ATiny85 in the boards.txt file according to instruction.

To get the programmer going I have followed this guide mainly: http://provideyourown.com/2011/arduino-program-attiny/ together with http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP, but added some tweaks I picked upp on the way from misc. threads in this forum and on the internet. Main resources used for tweaks:
- http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,65099.0.html
- http://laclefyoshi.blogspot.com/2011/01/note-of-caution-for-arduino-isp.html

Using only the two main guides did not yield any working configuration. In the end I have ended up with the following:

ATiny85 pin --> Arduino pin
1 --> Digital 10
4 --> GND
5 --> Digital 11
6 --> Digital 12
7 --> Digital 13
8 --> 5V

Additional connections
- To prevent the auto reset, I have a 120 Ohm resistor from 5V to RST on the Arduino.
- To test the Blink sketch on the Tiny, I have a 330 Ohm resistor and an LED on ATiny pin 5 (digital 0) to GND.

The problem
As mentioned above, the sketch transfers and starts executing (The LED on ATiny pin 5 starts blinking as expected), but I'm getting errors from avrdude saying:

Code: [Select]
Binary sketch size: 748 bytes (of a 8192 byte maximum)
avrdude: please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny85
avrdude: please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny85

The question
What have I done wrong? Any clues welcome.


Coding Badly

Give this (and below) a read...


I've been going with the "ignore it" option.  I don't really mind seeing them at this point, if it gets to that it's already managed to compile without errors and has established communication with the attiny.


Thank you both!

@Coding Badly
I gave the thread a read and I will try out some of the tips. I think I came across that thread last week, but at that point I was still reading up and not trying out yet.

Yes, that's what I will do near-term to continue learning about programming the thing. Going forward I would like to have a fully working configuration though, if possible.



Indeed I am!

This is all done using a first generation alu Macbook running Snow Leopard (MacOSX 10.6.7).

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