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My project is to build a remote webcam and sensor (temp,humidity, ect) station. It will use  a GRMS walkie-talkie modem (ardunio) to transmit data to the base station which is a another ardunio with a radio.
I want it to send a picture over the air every half hour.
The modem works by sending the hex values of a document over the air.
So far i have finished the modem but right now you need to convert the document in to hex on your computer then upload the hex to the ardunio for it to be transmited. Can the ardunio store a image taken from a camera then covert the binary in to hex and send it to my base station?


Can the ardunio store a image taken from a camera then covert the binary in to hex and send it to my base station?

No, not enough RAM for that. If the camera can freeze a frame so that you can read and process the image piecewise, you might have a chance. But buffering a whole image is out of the scope of an Arduino.

Also, the protocol you write about seems to be very simplistic and unsuitable for the task. As if someone tried to reinvent the wheel without bothering to read up on what worked before.



What is the expected resolution/size of the image? You can try to use SD card or EEPROM memory for buffering the data. Also what type of web cam you are going to use? There are some IP cameras witch have simple DVRs build-in. They have inputs (for alarm sensors) witch can be used for storing images. After that with one Ethernet shield you can read those images from the camera trough the network interface and send them on portions trought the modem


As small as possbile for a camera resolution mabey 128 by 100? It will only send 1 picture every 30 minutes It can be done i need to know how to store and then convert a file to send  :smiley-sweat:

( if i could get the image to read byte by byte converting it in to a hex value from a SD card and then send it, it would work)


The protocol is for the modem is not the best but is sufciant to do tasks My next verson will have addresses for different devicses and a simple hash.
the configuration is meant for religiosity with radio distortion not speed normal modems use base 64 to send data mine uses base 16 due to the low audio quality of radio. :)

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