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As small as possbile for a camera resolution mabey 128 by 100? It will only send 1 picture every 30 minutes It can be done i need to know how to store and then convert a file to send  :smiley-sweat:

Lets assume for simplicity you have 1 byte per pixel. 128x100 = 12800 bytes = 12kB. Your Arduino has 2kB of RAM some are used for stack or other variables and 0.5kB of EEPROM. No way. Not every 30 minutes, not even once.

( if i could get the image to read byte by byte converting it in to a hex value from a SD card and then send it, it would work)

This could work, but you really should ask yourself if the Arduino is the right tool to use for your application and whether you'd not be better of to take a platform with more RAM and processing power. It's a bit like trying to use a children's tricicle to haul 17 tons of bricks. It might work with enough effort, but it's easier, faster and cheaper to just get a truck in the first place.




I said i needed a SD card for storage.
the ardunio would need to see the image files on the SD card as binary dumps of the camera, then read off each byte like a array and convert it in to hex and send it thro the transmitter.

Yes I realize i should have bought a couple Netdunios insted

Im just not proficient in getng the Ardunio to work with storage systems like SD cards and cameras

"It can be done we have the technology" -The Six Million Dollar Man


I have seen GRMS radios with ranges up to 10 kilometres advertised but, it would be more like 7 kilometres

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