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I would love to get started in Arduino but unfortunately the only way I can get them to where I live (Sydney) is in the mail. I have seen that the local JayCar stocks Freetronics Eleven and I was wondering if you guys like these boards. I don't normally like buying something that tries to be like something else, and says it is better without stating why.

Also if you guys know anywhere in Sydney you can buy Arduino boards I would be very greatful

Thank you


I have a Freetronics 2010 and it's just fine. Never done anything it shouldn't and always done what it should :)

Most of the Arduino boards around are clones, I wouldn't worry about it especially from a well-known supplier (which Freetronics are).
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That looks like a great board, I would have started arduino-ing with a twenty-ten if it had been available in the US at the time.
Drop some wirewrap sockets in the holes, add a couple shift registers or something, be good to go!
You will not go wrong with that board. Its all the same components, layed out a little differently, with better (IMO) frequency source, and the mini usb connector in place of the big blocky square one that is not is use on many components anymore.

It took me a little while but eventually I just made my own designs using a duemilanove to program blank '328 chips and drop them in my circuit.
You can see the '328, crystal, 22 pf caps, and power supply 100nF caps in the lower left corner.
This application does not need USB serial  (does use UART's TTL serial to transmit to another built up card tho), power is from external 5V supply.
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I have no experience with the Freetronics Eleven, but I have tried other clones (Seeeduino and Freeduino) without problems. I would even hold the Seeeduino to be slightly better than the original.

If it says 100% compatible you can probably expect it to be.

Good luck!


That Freetronics board looks rather good.  Does anybody know if they're available in Europe?

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