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I've seen friends who thought it was awesome, but thought they were told about it

I didn't need an invite, I wanted a friend add :P I got it now


oh well... ive come to the conclusion, that somewhere along the line i must have given my ok to it, as google claims that it is not turned on by default and I am not thaaat paranoid...anyway, app is uninstalled, problem solved.

yeah, its funny how one and the same feature can be percieved cool by some and really disturbing by others... just shows that maybe I am a bit more paranoid than I think I am...


I knew about the images being uploaded but then again I followed the announcement. I was one of the key "features" of the app and Google+ working together to make it more simple to share photos. They all get uploaded to a private area only you can see, then it's up to you to share them out.

I understand your concern that even though they are "private" now Google has a copy.

I believe it's turned off by default. (I don't have an Android phone) Here is the page in their help docs...

10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10


but they are on some server, out of my control.

That's pretty much "The Google Way", isn't it?  Google Docs, Google mail, Picassa, ... all of it.

I dunno.  What's better about google+ than facebook?  It's real hard to tell at the current size.

IMO, Facebook succeeded because it attracted significant cross-generational socializing (whereas myspace and linkedin had more specific age-groups associated with them.)  Google's initial social networking effort ("Orkut") didn't do so well...

All the "social networking" sites seem to do really badly when it comes to maintaining the sort of semi-technical forum like we have here.  Even vendor-run sites aimed specifically at engineers (element14, eeweb, freescale, ti, and microchip forums) seem to have a lot of trouble maintaining any sense of "community."


I think FB suceeded at first because it was exclusive to college students (well first harvard students but whatever) and so people who wanted to avoid grade school kids could use it, back then no ones mom was on Myspace, so they really didn't need to avoid that...

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