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Awesome project. I've been building one also, but with stepper instead of servo motors. I'm a bit stuck with putting everything from matlab to arduino as the math is quite messy. Mind you sharing your code? My @mail is sharas.s@gmail.com



Hi i do the same, but i have some problems with the arduino...., can you please share the code and the electronic....
thanks for all, radicalister@gmail.com


hello, Nice project man very nice, you did a very good job. I would also learn the kinematics and the code, could you give me the code to joshua.hadi_93@yahoo.com ? Thank you very much  :)


Hi, working on similar project, would really like to take a look at your code, couldn't find it in the post. Will appreciate it if you could email it to mulamula.a@gmail.com

Many thanks

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