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I need an amplifier circuit for my electret microphone so that it is very sensitive to different voices.With microphone as analog input I should get wide range of numbers on serial monitor sensitive to different voices.

thanks for your help


try a INA217 as the basis for a mic pre-amp, you can get free samples from TI.com, and there's a nice pro-quality preamplifier on the datasheet http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ina217.pdf


I should get wide range of numbers on serial monitor sensitive to different voices.

If you're trying to distinguish human voices with an Arduino, forget it.
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You could however filter the signal, say with six band-pass filters and 'recognise' different voices from their spectral components.  Even better might be to use the arduino fft library.  I doubt it will actually provide per-person recognition, but with some tweaking you might be able to distinguish a male voice from a female's, or a child's voice from an adult's.


Hi, Project 21 in my book '30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius' is a VU meter that uses a microphone for input, but you could easily adapt it.

If you want the source code for the sketch, you can get that without buying the book at http://www.arduinoevilgenius.com

There was a post on this forum somewhere where I posted the circuit, but I can't find it. You may have better luck.

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