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Jun 19, 2015, 10:05 pm Last Edit: Jun 19, 2015, 10:14 pm by olikraus
v1.2 of Ucglib is out.

Ucglib v1.2 will be available only in the new Arduino library format for Arduino IDE 1.5 or higher. Best will be to use the new Library Manager. The Library Manager is available in the Arduino IDE:
Sketch -> Include Library -> Library Manager
Then search for "ucglib".

Manual download: https://github.com/olikraus/Ucglib_Arduino/releases

Documentation: https://github.com/olikraus/ucglib/wiki

Whats new...
 * Ucglib moved from google code to github
 * Fixed problem with slow SW SPI on Arduino Due
 * bdf2ucg replaced by bdfconv
 * Complete new font rendering subsystem. The new font format reduces big fonts by more than 50%.
 * New font: Inconsolata
 * New font nameing convention, monospace fonts are clearly marked
 * Support for ILI9163 128x128 display
 * Support for LD50T6160 OLED
 * Power down mode for most controller types


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