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Hi Guys ,

Let me introduce you a way to control / monitor your Arduino Project from internet.

You can connect your Ethernet cable into your Arduino Ethernet Adapter and consume one of your Arduino in the same time.

Instead , I make a software which has two main functions :
  1. Web Server - which can make the communication between PC and the Internet User
  2. Serial Port Communication - so the PC can talk to Arduino

In this way , the Internet User can communicate with Arduino in real time.    You can control and monitor the status of Arduino via Internet.      In the mean while , the PC can also save and load all the data from Arduino easily.

I have an example for this , Internet Controlled Vehicle , feel free to have a look.

In my example , I use my laptop talk to a wireless router.     
Then I use an XBee with its adapter(has a FTDI chip) to talk to the other XBee which connect to Arduino.
So , the PC and Arduino can communicate wireless.
Finally , the Internet User can talk to the Vehicle.

Feel free to let me know how do you think.


Lots of interesting elements in this project.

Note: The PC-side software is for the Windows environment, if that helps you know if you want to delve into the blog material.


That's pretty cool!

I implemented my automation like that at first... but my server takes too much power, not very "green" :-)

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