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Been trying a lot of codes and posts on the forum for my project and it still doesn't work. I have a .txt file that has data in the form
and so on.. approximately upto 5000 data with values ranging from -250 to +350..
I need to access each of this data to use in mathematical operation and thought saving them into a character array and then typecasting might help.
Initially tried the EEPROM angle but figured it can't store that much.. Can someone help me with the code to how can I store this many data in the Arduino ? Thanks in advance.


If you want to store 5000 integers in the memory of an Arduino, you need an Arduino board that has sufficient SRAM or EEPROM (at least 10k). Which Arduino do you have?

If you have an Arduino with insufficient memory, you have to redesign your mathematical stuff. Your mileage will vary depending on the algorithms needed. For a simple iteration (e.g. calculating the sum of the numbers), you can simply read each number from file and add to the sum instead of storing everything first in an array.
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