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Anyone tried using an Arduino board to build a metal detector? Thinking about a pulse-induction type detector.

Would be nice as an open source project, with the code to be downloaded and modified to your needs. Maybe even with a custom arduino shield.


I am interested in doing this as well. I was considering building a large loop pulse induction metal detector. I have found several diagrams and kits for use, I have not had time yet to put the components together. I live near several historic neighborhoods which are being redeveloped and would love to be able to scan the grounds for artifacts before they end up with condos on top of them. If I come up with something I will definitely post it.


Thanks for the reply!

I have been looking into several existing designs. Some of them are using either a pic or avr processor for timing. Timing is used for adjusting the pulse length and frequency which is send to the search coil, controlling the switches and adjusting the waiting time after a pulse is finished. I guess the arduino's analog input could be used for measuring the detected signal.

Here is a block basic diagram which I took from the geotech site. It certainly looks feasible.  :)


   I don't know what info you are looking for but, looking at the block diagram I see a few things of note.

1.) TR4 it the power transistor that charges the coil
2.) The clock frequency device that feeds TR4 could be replaced by your Arduino clocked output.
3.) The received or "bounced" signal that would come back from the coil will be AC therefor part of the circuit amplifies it and then biases it to a DC signal to facilitate measuring.

I am just  a hobbyist so, I could be in error on somethings,


   I should also say that the Diagram is a little vague as to what kind of chips they are using to do the filtering. So with a quick Google search I found some more diagrams that tell you exactly what is needed to make a metal detector circuit.

The only problem is that there are many to chose from.


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