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The wires work very well plugged directly into the inverters, i appreciate the help but didn't want to say that step 1 was a bit obviouse, i've had el wire a lot longer than i've had an arduino!

Steps 2 and 3 will be tried in the morning, thank you again for your time.

I've also found out that the inverter supplied by sparkfun runs at up to 3.5khz so the frequency might not be a problem.


1) the el wires and the inverter work,
2) shorting the triac works,
3) giving the gates +5vdc works.
i now have the inverter connected to the "raw voltage" output on the escudo.
The arduino does apear to do anything and the status light still hasn't come on.


Well what a to-do, it works.
pocking around with a jumper (150vac gives no more than a slight tingle at such a low current), shorting and energising triacs seems to have started it working. i have no idea why.
I unplugged the Arduino, left it for long enough for any residual current to go and plugged it back into its power supply and it worked.

The status light still doesn't come on.

stupid thing.

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