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I would like to build my own mp3 player. Due to time limits I cant build it from scratch, but am looking for something which comes with some basic software and a list of parts. Does anyone know of any open source projects which I could build?

Maybe even something sold as a kit, so I dont have to go buy the individual parts?



The vellema kit K8095: http://www.vellemanusa.com/us/enu/product/view/?id=525185  I have not built it, so I cannot tell you if it is good or not. It certainly looks like a challenge though!

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By MP3 player I presume you don't mean portable or that puts it in a whole different world...

I use the rMP3 shield which can then do the SD and audio stuff - you can then connect up an LCD display and code an interface for it so it acts as an MP3 player.


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actually i am thinking of something portable... I'd sort of like to etch my own flexible circuit and sew it into a tshirt or something like that :-D

i sort of like this here:


but I want it arduino based, just couse thats what I am familiar with


I bought the MP3 products here, haven't tried them yet but lookiing forward to trying them.
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