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I am looking for a good supplier of Arduino shields that is situated in the UK so I do not have to pay extra shipping fees. However I don't know which people suggest that have a good fast service.

I have seen the list on the website of the official suppliers, so including these and others that you know of, where would you suggest to get some shields at a reasonable price and with a good delivery??

Thanks for your Help


http://www.uk-pcb.co.uk - My UK Based PCB Fab & Assembly Company
Design work undertaken
SMD & Thru-Hole assembly


I have looked there but some of the stuff I would like such as a esp8266 aren't available and they don't sell them in my local maplins :(

Any more ideas???

Also I am trying to find somewhere which stocks a case with holes cut out for the pins. I would make one if I had a 3d printer but I don't :(

Anyone know of any good cases as well?


I buy a lot of my stuff from China. Two, three weeks delivery to UK. You can get ten for what Maplin charge for one.

Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


I can provide you guys PCB prototype manufacturing servces.We are PCB fabricator in Shenzhen of China.Send me the gerber file and the Bom,then I can provide you the PCBA product.It's totally your own product.


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