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I am using the ad5206 sample from arduino 22.
I have the board wired and powered, connected to all the right pins and can't get it to work.
All my A are at 4.8v, all my B are on ground.
VDD is 4.8v
VSS is ground.

ground to ground
cs, sdi, clk to respective pins noted in the sample.
All wipers have a resistor to LED to ground.

All the wipers seem to have a constant 1.7v

Anyone have any idea why it won't actually work?
Is my VSS an issue? Do I need a seperate power supply for my A and B vs the actual chip power?
please help.


The code says:-
Controls AD5171 digital potentiometer via I2C/TWI

Your message says you are using a AD5206.
Have you checked the data sheets of these devices to see what differences there are? Have you changed the code to accommodate these differences?


I am using Arduino 22 examples->SPI->DigitalPotControl

"This example controls an Analog Devices AD5206 digital potentiometer."
" created 10 Aug 2010
by Tom Igoe"

just to clarify. So it should be the exact same setup as the sample.


OK sorry,
have you connected the chip's power and ground, that is pin 6 to +5V and pin 11 & 3 to ground. They don't mention that but it is vital.

Do I need a seperate power supply for my A and B vs the actual chip power?



I would hope I'm not that much of a noob, lol.
I have all the pins connected to something.
6 is connected to +5V
AD5206 has pin 9 & 4 as ground. I think you might have been looking at the AD5204.
I double checked the printing on the chip to make sure I have the right one, and the 5206 should have 9 & 4 to GND (as they are currently hooked up to)

I am using the bare bones board rev 02 with ATMEGA328. the software seems to see it as duemilanove with 328 since it doesn't give me any errors uploading as well as getting it to work with blink and other code I have already verified, so I don't think that's the problem.

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