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We've just released our new multi-function shield card: large LCD digits, piezo buzzer, buttons, RS-232 driver, RGB LED, and 13 additional I/O pins.  Everything you'd need for a low power, easy to read, user interface.

And the best news: it only uses 4 pins (interfaced via the spi bus)!  The Arduino libraries include easy to use functions such as:

lcd.display (cnt, 1, 1);            // display the value of cnt on the left display with leading zeros
lcd.write ('T');                       // transmit a T on the auxiliary RS-232 port
lcd.setRGB (128, 128, 128);    // turn all three colors to half brightness

More details, including sample sketch, complete libraries, and schematic are at: http://www.pdksolutions.com/page13a.html


Should have mentioned that this is available as a QuickKit as well as fully assembled.  http://pdksolutions.com/page13a.html

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