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Hi all !

I'm new on this forum, I just started Arduino last year. I'm a music producer and one of my favorite use of arduino is for midi controller.
I managed to create a 8 potentiometer midi controller with an arduino uno and I want to go further, learn how to use a mux/demux for making one with 16 potentiometer.

I bought some 74HC595N for multiplexing analog inputs, but I can't find any tutorial on how to use it for analog, only for multiplexing digital output.
So, can I use the 74HC595N as an analog multiplexer ? Is it only the 4041 which mux/demux analog inputs ?

Another question, how can I dispensed the serial-midi converter software and make a ready usb midi controller with arduino ?

Thanks you for helping me !
(Sorry for my english, i do my best! :-))


Have a look at the midibox site.
The guy there has got boards for Analogue in, digital in and digital out. From memory they use 4051 for Analogue in and the 74 HC595 is used for digital outs.

These three boards will work with an Arduino. The chips are commonly shown in Arduino tutorials and I have used the DOut board successfully in an Arduino project.

Do you want to make a USB MIDI only controller?
No 5 pin DIN at all?
You might want to look into USB host shield.

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