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Hi everyone,

Would anyone be able to tell me how I could fix this problem?

arduinobug by aviatordom, on Flickr

Whenever I scroll down the menus it either goes completely black as in the image above or distorts in another way and "merges" with the other drop-down menus.

Disabling Aero in W7 and going to the Windows Classic theme didn't help. Running Arduino in compatibility mode for XP didn't solve this either.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Kind Regards,



never seen such a screen (and hope to keep it that way )

Which version of Java VM are you running? have you upgraded it recently?
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Update graphics drivers perhaps?

I have also never seen this.


Still no luck. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Arduino (again). The problem hasn't gone away. Just to clarify, my Java is up to date, as well as my Graphics drivers. It is also evident when running a previous edition of Arduino (i tried 0022 and 0021).

I've even tried running Arduino as an Administrator in Windows XP compatibility mode (running Arduino on a W7 system), with the aero function disabled and it STILL happens.

Slightly off topic: I've noticed that games have been lagging recently, they never used to and I have a high end system. Could this be a graphics card related issue?  :(

If anyone could help me I would be very appreciative.


I too was having very strange stuff displayed in the pull down arduino IDE menus, but only on version 22, not 21 or older versions, and it was kind of intermittent, not always repeatable. I had installed a replacement video card a few months ago, so I checked and found a newer driver for the board and after that update I haven't seen the same nonsense happen again. So maybe not your problem or solution but at least a similar symptom. Version 22 definitely does something different in it's video display interfacing.

Using windows XP SP3.



I also have some funny things happening with the menu text not appearing but it's not been a massive problem.

I presume it's just a java update which has some funny graphics issues.


Try uninstalling Java completely. The Arduino editor comes with java runtime. I have the same probelm as you with win 7 64bit. Seems that Java messes with the my AMD windows graphics driver. My PC hangs and then recovers telling me the AMD grphics driver has recovered. Running with standard SVGA drivers cures the problem. So it seems like a driver/Java clash


This happens to myself as well. Running the IDE v22 under Windows 7 64bit. However, I enabled compatibility mode for windows 2000 and checked run as administrator. That seemed to fix the problem... not sure why though.

somewhat comforting to find someone else who had/has the same problem. lol

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