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I'm looking for a source of a three PWM-able buck-pucks (350mA) in the UK.
I found some Luxeons in a drawer, and I want to do something with them.
Does anyone have any recommendations, please?
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The only place I've found that sells them is here:


Their info says they'll ship overseas to 'some countries'. ┬áIf you place an order, they'll either ship it or cancel it and not bill you.  It's worth a try.  Maybe email them first and ask about it.



I've heard of hockey pucks
I've heard of pass the buck
but buck-pucks must be a British thing  ;)
You guys still driving on the wrong side of the road?



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You guys still driving on the wrong side of the road?

Never having been oppressed by Napoleon, we continue to drive on the correct side of the road, as do all civilised countries, and Australia.

OK, modified question, if I can't find buck-pucks, what other options do I have for driving three separate strings of Luxeons at 350mA, and a PWM frequency of around 300Hz?
(Confession time - I'm not driving them with an Arduino)
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Check dealextreme.com.

look undere "Electronics" and then under "DIY parts".

They have some comstant current source LED drivers. Cheap + Free world wide shipping :-)

I don't know if they are PWM-able though.


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