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Can someone link me a pair of wheels that would fit in this "small stepper" motor? Yes I have googled it, but I'm not a very google person :~ . Thank You.




Why do you need a pair of wheels for one stepper?

What are you trying to do?

That stepper has pretty low torque, it is probably expected you go through some gear reductions to get sufficient torque for your application given the gear already mounted on the shaft.


Basically make a small platform, mount the stepper motor and an arduino with a motor shield, and then simply make it move forwards and backwards.

This will be on a rail system if you must know.



Also to make things clearer for people reading this, there will be "two" stepper motors present not one.


Is there a reason you are using steppers for this? I can't really recommend any wheels for those, and I really don't think you are using the right part for the job if you are planning on mounting wheels to that stepper directly. At the very least get a stepper with an output shaft that doesn't have a gear on it. How heavy is your platform?

For that matter, is there a reason you are using two motors? It might be easier to set up if you only use one and from the limited amount of info you have provided I can't see why one wouldn't work for forward/backward control.


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Well, assuming that you've decided on the motor for a reason, what I usally do is trot my hiney down to Walmart or whatever consumer feeding frenzy is nearby and hit the toy section.  You aren't even necessarily looking for a motorized toy.  Just a cheap one that has wheels roughly as big as you want.

After that, it's a matter of mounting it on the shaft.  Since it's got that gear on it, I'd probably just drill out the shaft of the toy wheel to the size of the gear, and then slap it on there with a bit of epoxy.

If you are lucky, you might be able to find something like a motorized car, which will have gearing ready to use, after you remove the original motor and such.

I find misusing cheap toys is one really good way to get cheap, decent components..

You say a rail system.. is this a camera trolley?

If you took a rolling platform of some type (like a car) and are running it on the rail, I'd be running that gear against a toothed rail for the propulsion.. and toothed rails are expensive.  However, what works instead is threaded rod-  at a right angle, small gear like that fit nicely into the threads of the rod, presto, $5 rail.


If you're putting this thing on a rail you might have some luck epoxying a pair of washers onto the motor shaft with a rubber spacer in-between them. The washers will keep it on the rail, and the rubber spacer will give you a little friction to move down the rail.

Check the side view illustration in the attachment to this comment.

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