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Hello All,

This is my first project with Arduino, other than tinkering with LEDs and the LCD with Pre-Written code. I'm also dabbling into Microsoft PowerShell, so I said "HEY! How about getting the two to work together?!".
What I have is a System Information gadget. It's two projects in one. It's just a standard LCD on Arduino which takes incoming serial data and displays it on the screen. I'm using delimiters (which are just quotes) to determine which LCD line to write. So you could send a string such as "Line1" or """Line2" or "Line1""Line2" to put on the LCD respectively.

The second part is a Microsoft PowerShell script that runs in an infinite loop gathering some system information and sending it via serial to the Arduino to print to the LCD.

As I said I'm just dabbling in PowerShell and Arduino both, so the code may look kind of elementary. The concept is there, and it works quite well!

Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks and Enjoy!

I've uploaded a picture of my project on Flickr http://flic.kr/p/a2cm6W


Verry Verry Cool Idea I love powershell,and got an arduino today so will try this out.
If you have any powersehll questions let me know happy to help when I can

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