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What LCD's do yall use.

I am looking for a 20x4 that will work with the built in LIB.

I have been looking online but for some reason I just can't seem to find one that is a 100% fit with the LIB.

I understand from digging there are some bugs in the LIB files that need to be sorted which is no big deal.


by LIB do you mean the Arduino LCD library?


I just can't seem to find one that is a 100% fit with the LIB.

What makes you say that? They are pretty all 100% compatabl.


You will need a 20x4 LCD with a "HD44780" or compatible interface. These are generally the standard, so you shouldn't have any problems getting one. For example - http://bit.ly/fEsKS2

If you are interested, I recently wrote an article about connecting these screens to our Arduino boards - http://wp.me/pQmjR-1fR

have fun
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i use 16X2 LCD compatible with Hitachi's 44780 driver, [glow]you can easily recognize these with the 16-pin interface[/glow]
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I use the 20x4 LCD from Hacktronics, I don't know if it works 100% but it displays text fine, the only thing is the backlight wasn't working, but that could be my own fault

No part # but they give this information

20 x 4 LCD, 5 volt, based on the popular HD44780. Black characters on green background, with back light.
4 rows, 20 characters per row.


Yeah any HD44780 display should work fine (unless it's duff)



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i use 16X2 LCD compatible with Hitachi's 44780 driver, you can easily recognize these with the 16-pin interface
Not exactly.  The LCD interface uses 14-pins and that is what is shown on the Hitachi datasheets and those derived from that datasheet.  

Most of the original LCD modules did not have a backlight and many of those that did required a special power supply that connected to two pads on the pc board near the end of the display.

Many, if not most, of the current LCD modules have an LED backlight that is powered via two pins lined up with the original 14.  Usually they are next to pin 14, but sometimes they are at the other end next to pin 1.  This is a convenient location but it does not change the LCD interface from 14 pins to 16 pins.

The LCD information provided in the original Hitachi datasheet is entirely appropriate for these '16-pin' devices but someone who is not familiar with the function of the extra two pins might not realize this since the Hitachi datasheet makes no mention of these extra pins.

I know that the tutorial in the playground calls this a 16-pin interface but that does not make it right.  About a year ago it took me several months to get the program example on that page corrected and the information about dealing with pin 5 emphasized and I didn't want to push my luck in trying to correct this part of the page.



I can vouch for the HD44780. I bought a random one off of eBay and I'm using it without trouble.

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