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I found these two inside an old keyboard.

80C49AP6-- Toshiba MCU
tc4515bp-- Hexadecimal converter

Before I desolder them, anyone know exactly how I could use them? Could I use the first one like an arduino, or is it closed source?



Depends on what you mean "like an Arduino."  It is a microprocessor.  If you can find a suitable development environment, then you can use it.
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Is there one?



Most likely a rom based programmed microcontroller that can't be erased and reused.



Oh well. Thanks anyway (and thanks for the MOSFET help, too.)


rom based programmed microcontroller that can't be erased and reused

Most of the time yes, OTP is cheap, but if you have a OTP chip with 2k of memory for example and the pre burnt code is only 1k then you still have 1k to play with, i have reused suposed OTP PIC12c508's by setting the ORG (code start address) to the next available address after the pre urnt code and it works


Did you find a datasheet for the 2nd part?
Latched 1 of 16 selecter - you give it 4 address bits, it will create a low on 1 of 16 outputs, and can latch it with another control line. Nice part. Cannot sink or source much current, so is really limited to connecting to other logic devices.
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You have to get the IDE which can support the MCU you are using like we have avrdude for that of the AVR MCU's and then have a good programmer to load Software to it and set various bits and as such any chip can be reprogrammed but Firslty,Look for the Lock bits as if they are fused to make the chip Nonprogrammable then you can't reprogram it.  
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