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Thanks all. I also want to set up some boards and some how contact them with a command to do something. Is there a tutorial on this?


The way to do that depends a lot on your planned topology.

One board? many boards ? how are they connected ? what is a command ? Should the boards reply ?

More info needed :-)


Actually there is a solution that can work without an ethernet shield.

But it requires a whole PC!


Yes and that is exactly what the original poster requested.

A way to do it over USB


Well that's ok because the person using the buzzer will have a whole pc. You see I created a jeopardy alternative. Called Drew's Quiz Cube, found at www.drewsquizcube.tk. And as it is now they have a window with a button that they click to buzz in. What I want to do is have it so when they click a button it buzzes them in. It's a cool game check it out if you wish, im still alpha testing.

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