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Hello this is my first post so I hope I've come to the right place.

I have purchased 8 Addressable RGB LED Strips from Sparkfunhttp://www.sparkfun.com/products/10312 and they are a blast!  I have connected them in a chain from 0-255 and wrapped them around to make a matrix.  I only use 2 pins to send the data and every second strip has a 5V 3A supply and a common ground connected to the Arduino.

   0,   1,   2,   --->--- 29, 30, 31  STRIP #1
63, 62, 61,   ---<--- 34, 33, 32  STRIP #2
64, 65, 66,   --->--- 93, 94, 95  STRIP #3
127,126,125,---<--- 98, 97, 96  STRIP #4
...                                                  STRIP #5
...                                                  STRIP #6
...                                                  STRIP #7
...                                                  STRIP #8
....... you get the point

I am able to control them without any issues and the brightness is impressive.  The next idea I have is to use this 32x8 "matrix" and make a stock market like text ticker.  I can write text now but it is a very tedious process.  I turn on each LED individually then post the frame to get the text I want. 

Does anyone know a simple way to convert text into a matrix so that I can display it on my strips?

Is there a SMART approach to this problem?

Is there a library that could help me out?

Would using MATLAB help?

Anything that could point me in the right direction?


No takers on this topic???

Does anyone if the SPRITE library is useful in this case.

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