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Hello to All,
              i'm back again with a New! problem but with a lot steps forward just to reach my goal of programming my Atmega168 , I made a new serial programmer given at this page - http://www.benryves.com/bin/avr_tutorial/avr_tutorial.htm , and got success in making the PONYPROG read the ATmega168 on breadboard all same as in the picture mentioned in the link i gave you, the message read that it's
(On FIRST click i got this error: Device missing, or unknown device (-24) and on SECOND click on IGNORE i got SUCCESS! the following)


BUT, when i try to do WRITE ALL to put the .hex file in MCU then it shows me the following error:

Write Failed

Note: everything is done same as in the LINK given by me
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avrdude claims to support the si-prog hardware.  if you use avrdude, you can turn on assorted verbose modes that would (hopefully) give you a better idea of exactly what is going wrong...

These sorts of programmers (si-prog, parallel port programmer) rely on the PC-side application being able to switch the signal bits to the AVR in a somewhat deterministic way; something that had become increasingly difficult as versions of windows have advanced.  You might consider booting DOS (freeDOS?) or one of the tiny linux distributions on your PC for just long enough to get that initial bootloader programmed.  (After that, load the ArduinoISP sketch and use THAT for programming future chips.)

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