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This project will use an arduino, an Xboard, and a pair of xbee modules to control a relay. By using a relay you will be able to control any appliance you hook up to the relay. Also, you can easily expand by adding more relays and modifying the code a little. You can see a video of us using the XBoard to control our office door.

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Correct me if I got the wrong impression.  What you've done is combine a mega328 with a wiz5100 on the same board that has an XBee socket.  Right?

And you're selling this for U$29?

This thing could be the perfect solution for people that want an arduino webserver without paying around $70 for just the ethernet board and arduino combination and have a XBee socket to play with for fun.  Or even an arduino with an XBee socket and still save $10 bucks or so.  Is there a proto board that will match it for separate circuitry to hold sensors and relays and such?
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Nice Board!

Is the USB on the Xboard only for power?


"What you've done is combine a mega328 with a wiz5100 on the same board that has an XBee socket.  Right?"

The answer is YES.

"And you're selling this for U$29?"

The answer is YES.

"Is the USB on the Xboard only for power?"

The answer is YES. You will need a FTDI basic to program it.
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Oh man, it's out of stock. :(
I simply have to own one.

I do have one complaint, the website sort of makes it sound like the xbee module is included, until you read it carefully. At least that was my first impression.


Well... this is one step further to a board I had imagined. What if you had instead the 2560? The reason for that is that you'll want to basically use this board as a server and master of a network of remote devices. So, the html needed to make the webserver show something nice will eat into the program to control different and several devices. It is possible, but a 2560, for the capacity alone would make it a better solution for big things.

Nice work...
I might buy myself a ince Christmas present. :)
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