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I just came across this freeware flowchart-based programming package: FLOWINO which goes with the Faraduino

I found it at Middlesex University Teaching Resources.  Check out their "Faraduino" in the electronics-projects options, and FLOWINO is there as a free download.

It's rather rudimentary, but could be handy.

Just wondered if anyone has tried it?  



This looks like it:


Interesting, but it looks like it would be a nightmare to develop anything really complex, not to mention maintenance headaches...

I don't run Windows, so I couldn't try the software, but I wonder if its possible to "nest" flowcharts - that is, create a block that has a flowchart inside it that ultimately acts on its inputs and outputs; that way it would be more modular.

Which brings up another question: Does it handle situations where decisions (if-then) are made based on multiple reasons (multiple pin values, previous data variables set, etc)?

The software itself is probably good for teaching basic logical process layout and thinking, but going much beyond that - I dunno (I was once involved in the 6S process-mapping of an order-entry process for a small company involved in the 6S community - it was insane, and the ultimate visio flowchart of that process was huge - and I am sure we missed a few steps along the way).

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