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Re: Light/LED question...

I asked because I thought you might be able to do something like this...



(thats a really cool project)
I guess it would serve the purpose, but It would take away from the idea that you can determine the distance from a remote location.

What are your views of the MaxSonar?


First I have to say I have not used any sort of ultrasonic sensor. I have played with an IR sensor a bit but not in depth.

With that being said I wonder if the following would work...

Refer to my image back a few posts with the cone. I wonder if you could set up your sensor in a stable location then at different distances move in from the top and bottom and see when it triggers and how reliable it is. For instance strap it to a table then go out 10 meters and move your target up from the bottom 10 times and see when it "sees" it. Measure how far off the floor it is. Then do the same from the top. If those numbers are consistent you may be able to do the next part.

Now you can scan for your target. Scan up and when you sense it mark your angle. Go past it and scan down again until you sense it and mark your angle. Divide in half and you should be close to center. Now if the target moves forward and back I'm not sure if it would affect it much.

You might even use 2 servos. One for scanning constantly and a second that adjust your "sights" or whatever you're trying to point at it.

Again, I have no idea if this would work, it's just a concept.


That's a very interesting idea.
I think I have a lot or research I need to preform before I buy anything.

But I'd like to thank you for all of your help :)

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