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The arduino is as good as anything else for this project, the limit is your sensor.
Getting a laser to point at objects (people?) can bring about safety issues.
At $50 you are still into hobby range of prices.


The sensor in this is just like the sensor in a mouse, it measures the rotation of a ball. Is that what you want?


oh! I just now realized that.
No I want it to be able to "see" the objects.

But could it be possible to find something maybe not so expensive that has been massed produced like this, and be able to take parts out of it?


There are some ultrasonic range-finders that might reach the 20m.. (they are in the top-range of hobby level ultrasonic range finders)
They'll also have good precision (probably in centimeters).....

But..... ultrasonic range-finders have a cone shaped detection area. So at the 20m, it'll likely cover a very large area.. which makes it highly doubtful if you're measuring the walls.. or the object. So I'm doubtful if this is going to work.
At these distances, you'll likely need to go the optical route with 2 cameras. This would be WAY beyond the capabilities of an arduino (in fact, it'd probably require a PC).

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