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The SD has a lot of overhead between blocks and can be busy at times.  I use two 512 byte buffers to record mono.

I think a Mega would be required for more buffering.

You can't do the four byte thing. 



Ok, I'm gonna go after my electronic drums again then.
Will build 2 different circuits, one to capture 16-bit sound in mono to serial SRAM, some large sample size, write it to SD for transfer to PC for editing.
2nd to play back from SD into SRAM for playback thru DAC when triggered. Have xx number of sounds stored. Maybe an LCD screen with menu to show file name selected, button to load into SRAM when selected. Have volume controlled by peak of drum strike on a Remo practice pad with microphone inside running thru peak detector circuit.  Make a bunch up, run outputs into a mixer with pan/reverb/tone/etc. -> amplifier/headphones/etc.
Or maybe something more central, PC that can talk to each channel via USB for downloading.
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