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Jonathan Oxer

@jumpjack: it looks like you're making great progress!

Would you mind providing some detail about how you connected the receiver to the sound card?
Arduino Shield List: http://shieldlist.org


I opened the receiving station, and  I located the receiver part: it's a small circuit physically separated from the main; it is connected through 3 wires, labeled as GND, PWR and (unreadable); of course I guessed (unreadable) was the signal.  ;)

So, I connected GND to GND of the earphone cable connected to PC, and SIGNAL to one channel of the cable.
Then I used Audacity to record "sound", using a MONO track: I had to determine by 2 random attempts which wire to connect to to get the signal recorded.
Then it was just a matter of sitting and waiting for signal bursts to come from the thermometer.  ;)


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How is it working out for you?

Didn't yet have enough time to examine weather station data (they're very complex, and I seeone short signal every 30 seconds and one long and complex signal every 4 minutes, it's quite hard to figure out what's going on).
Besides, I'm not able to use the RX I bought to get the signals, I'm missing something... Isn't it enough to connect GND, VCC and RX oin these small devices?


Very interesting stuff! I will try to replicate what you did and see if i can come up with anything. I noticed the LED on my anemometer assembly flashes red every 30 seconds, but i didn't know there is a signal sent every 4 minutes.


Weird thing is that not each led flash corresponds to a radio burst sent!  :-? Maybe it also indicates "data stored for further processing"?  :-?

The "4 minutes stuff" can also be guessed from the instruction manual, which says that first synchronization among sensor and base can require up to 4 minutes.  ;)

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