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I have also opened the base station housing and took some pics of the PCB, which is like you said, not a good example of PCB design. It looks like it was done on the fly. Here are some pics:

The wind direction is not shown in real-time. I've fiddled with it, it takes a few seconds for the update to show on the display. There are various wind direction algorithms out there and written in C, they are not complicated, and are free. I don't yet have any way of knowing what algorithm is used in this particular base station.

What I'm trying to do is connect it to a SCADA system. Then i might be able to make some progress, i hope. I'm starting to think that maybe i should get the Weather Meters form SparkFun and build my own system form scratch.


jumpjack: unfortuantly no :)

In this particular case I prefer to talk about same parts not actual complet . Auriol rain gouge are different, probably diferent elctronic .


Happy new year everyone :)

Did any of you have some luck with decoding the wireless sensors data? I have an Alecto WS-3500 which has the same raingauge as the Ventus w155 but the display unit looks more like the one from Auriol... (standard LCD with blue backlight - not inverted like the Ventus device...)

Could someone translate the wireless packets into a binary sequence? I think if we could figure out how to read the temperature and humidity values from the transmission, we would have a first step :)

Thanks and great work on that!


Hi everyone,

I have decoded the most part of the Auriol weather station data. The document is available on my website, but the board does not allows to post any active links in the first post. Maybe in the next...

PS: Sorry for my bad english, it is not my mother language.

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