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I was looking for the pin assignment on my UNO and I ran into a page that was "members only" and there was no registration option.  under hardware>UNO>Input Output>mapping pins to ATMega328     any idea how I can register for a password.
I thought this was supposed to be open source


A bug.

I thought this was supposed to be open source

I suggest you read up on what open source actually means, its nothing whatever to do with restrictions on websites.

The 328 is identical pinout.


Thanks for the info. I know what open source means. I was just frustrated at not being able to find the info. Just fmi why are some pages restricted?


Also what about the ICSP pins?


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I'm just a volunteer with no life, I don't know about the inner workings of the "powers that be". I suspect its an oversight, the stuff is widely available all over the net. The Uno is largely the same as earlier model Arduinos, The Duemilanove was around a while and is largely similar so most stuff for the Duemilanove also applies to the UNO.
ICSP - basically SCK,MISO,MOSI, Reset, 5V & Gnd  as per schematic :



Thank you! I appreciate your help

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