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Robert Fisher

I have very little coding skills and no time to learn unfortunatly. I am shooting the landing of the "Last Space Shuttle" and I have a problem. I have Arduinos I want to use to turn on some cameras, via LANC, and set them to record at a certain time. I have the hardware with a RTC using RTClib.h library. The LANC sketch I want to use uses a button to set record  >http://controlyourcamera.blogspot.com/2011/02/arduino-controlled-video-recording-over.html#comment-form< I want to turn on the camera via LANC, which is included in the commands, and then record at a certain time and date. Sorry but time is short and I need to have this going pretty quick. The landing is next Tuesday or Wed. I have to get the hardware built by Saturday to fly Sunday or Monday.

Any ideas?


Robert Fisher

I forgot to add that we are a museum project with very little money. Check out our Website http://www.thelastshuttle.com or our Facebook page "Space Shuttle Project". Now I have to grovel to get more Arduinos and RTCs for next week.

thanks for listening


Sounds like a worthy project
You seem to have found a good example.  What exactly do you need help with?
If your system involves lethal voltages/life critical/flamable elements - you probably shouldn't need to ask.
The Arduino != PC.

Robert Fisher

Well everything! I got the hardware, my issues are with the programming, as I said I don't know a lot but I can make adjustments. Did you take a look at the Control your camera blog post and code? I want to power up the camera and start it recording a minute or so later and the turn off later, although turning off is not necessary since it can just run out of recording space and batteries. Powering up and turning on is the main thing.


Robert Fisher

There is some LANC source code available through this site, http://micro.arocholl.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=19:lanc&catid=35:arduino-article&Itemid=54, about middle of page is a line with a link to the source code.

I really hate doing this stuff at the last minute!

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