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Can you mock up/describe the details on your vision for a final build?  Basically - what it would look like and what videos should be played where?  Not the sources, just what you see when looking at it.


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i would like up to ten screens of various sizes, with speakers, from 1.8" to 7", ideally sewn with somewhat random spacing into the fabric of a 2x7 yard length of cloth that will be either displayed flat on a wall or wrapped around a 9' post.

the screens will all show a single video, compiled from interviews and run from different starting points for each screen, so that they're all showing different parts of the video at the same time.  the entire video would be made up of 2-5 minute segments, from 10-30 segments of mostly talking heads.

the sound should be clearly audible in front of each screen, and at a proper viewing distance of 10-20' the voices should all blend together into a soft rustling sound.

if it's not possible to sew the devices in, then the second best idea is to group them together on a wall and do exactly the same thing with them.

i hope that's a specific enough vision.  it will likely change...


You will need 10 players for that setup, but you should be able to use simple DVD players and burn your own video.  The trick here will be having players that allow for the video to loop.  If not, you may need to create the video of all the videos combined and repeat over and over for a couple of hours worth of video.  Then you could just start them at different intervals or make a DVD for each on that starts at different places.  Then you could simply restart them all.  If you had 10 players of the same type,then a single remote may start them all at once.

Someone else may have some other input on how to get 10 video outputs, but with the need for sound on them .. looks like you will need a unique player for each screen for the desire results.


i don't mind putting as many copies of the video onto a dvd as i can get.

i guess if i had 10 mp4 players it would be the same, just more expensive, right?

well, that's simple.  and when the show was over, the locals could walk away with their own players.  do these things use different country formats?  can you hack that?


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i guess if i had 10 mp4 players it would be the same, just more expensive, right?

Correct - but smaller and easier to deal with / most likely will allow for looping videos better, etc.

do these things use different country formats?  

Not that I know of, but I can't say for sure.  If someone knows, please chime in.

Sounds like you are on the right track.  You may have to use small speakers to go with your 2 and 3 inch screens as most of those will not have built in speakers.  Many of the 7" ones do.  Consider that when looking at overall cost and effect.

Have fun :)

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