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how do i give delay of 8.8 uS..
the delayMicroseconds() takes only integer values..

And only has resolution of 4 usec steps.

Returns the number of microseconds since the Arduino board began running the current program. This number will overflow (go back to zero), after approximately 70 minutes. On 16 MHz Arduino boards (e.g. Duemilanove and Nano), this function has a resolution of four microseconds (i.e. the value returned is always a multiple of four).

is there any kind of delay around nanoseconds?

None avalible or really possible as basic single instruction timing is around 64 nsec.  


Are you using a simple IR LED, and generating the carrier frequency with the Arduino?

If so, I'd try using one of the little modules which will take care of that for you... you'll send the "slow" "ons" and "offs", and the module will send out a stream of ons and offs of a beam pulsed at the much higher carrier frequency.

I have a page about RECEIVING data from IR controllers. Some of what's there....


... might be helpful to beginners reading this, but I suspect from what you've written above, you already know most of what's on that page... I only offer it if you are very frustrated!



And only has resolution of 4 usec steps.

you made my day.. i never knew about this 4uSec step thing..
now, i calculated all the program flow timing into the protocol and it works.. Awesome.! :) :)

thanks a ton, mate.. :)


that is a nice page.. it did help me a bit.. :)
thanks to you too, mate..

this is awesome.. lol.. controlling tv with my laptop...
people wondering how channels are changing..! :P
suspecting flaws in tv... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


The tv b gone does something simular. I am not sure about samsung.


adafruit links for turning a tv off.


look through her forum for a few minutes.


I got one a while back. I love it. Turning off the damn box while I eat is just so cool to me no matter where I am at.

you may be able to download their code and spot something or look over their design to assist in your own project.


There's some code pasted into the comments on the bottom of Ken Shirriff's page about his infrared remote library.  Do a search fo sendsamsung on there.  Ken has done 99.99% of the legwork on infrared remotes for us all.....
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