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First, I'm an Arduino noob although I am getting comfortable with many concepts.  I have excellent C programming skills but minimal electronics skills.  I need some help assessing a project.  My project is a lighting a small scale fake tree (24 inches tall) with between 25 and 30 LEDs that will be animated in a number of patterns (twinkling, chases, etc.) so independently controlling the LEDs is a must.

I would like to use RGB LEDs.  However, I could get by with bi-color LEDs.  I would prefer PWM the LEDs for fading effects if feasible. 

I guess one question is whether there are ways to independently control RGB LEDs with less than 3 pins per LED.  Such as pulsing the color information on three pins to multiple LEDs and control the cathode to light the correct LED (I'm thinking like how an interlaced computer display draws every other line).

Is there a shield that would allow me to control 25-30 RGB LEDs independently?

Any ideas would be helpful.   



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Standard 3-color LED has 4 pins, anode/3 cathode, or cathode/3 anode.
If you use a part like TLC5940, can have uC controlled PWM to 16 current sink LEDs simultaneoulsy, so anode/3cathode is preferred to keep parts count down.
25-30 LEDs = 75-90 outputs to control. /16 = 5 or 6 [edit ->] TLC5940s.

However, you say 'RGB LEDs with less than 3 pins per LED" - do you have a link to the part you have in mind?
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Crossroads, I think the OP is asking if there is a way to control them using less than 3 pins for each LED. My recommendation would be as many TLC5940s as needed, daisychained together.
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Correct Bilbo - I was hoping for way to be more efficient with less pins (via code) but it sounds like "as many TLC5940s as needed" is the best approach.  Or I was hoping for a pre-existing shield with that many PWM outputs.

Thanks for the input.


If you're after a shield rather than soldering practice, there are lots of options for you.  iTead has an 8x8 matrix color shield that is reasonably priced that should be more than capable of driving your project (http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=312&zenid=g9r1efj1n3iqt5pct82qam11k0).  This shield will give you independent control for up to 64 individual RGB LEDs with PWM control.

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