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The arduino is allready programmed, and the configuration is final.


(Arduino) configuration final...

Ah! That simiplifies answering considerably, as your choices are considerably reduced.

Do you need to go through a USB link? No... as I think has already been established.

So how to connect the pins on the Arduino to the "outside world"?

Yes, the circuit given will do it. But why re-invent the wheel? There are several people selling, at no great premium, boards with the electronics you need.

Sorry to keep banging on about it, but...


.. also has that information.


Will this do? Or, do I need something connected to pin 6 and 15 (on the MAX202), despite not using the reset?

I, finally, got around to making the circuit - but the MAX202 seems to send out a constant stream of garbage... What have I forgotten?


What have I forgotten?

The baud rate?
Must be the same in TX and RX.



The serial begin sets it at the arduino end.
You haven't said what the other end is but there will be some sort of port configuration box,
you need to set this to 9600 baud, 8 data bits, one stop bit, one start bit, and no parity

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