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For now I'm only interested in build a simple car, controlled by PC via bluetooth. (just move to front/back/left and rigth)

but we can found in market a lots of bluetooth modules, and arduinos..

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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why everyone like Blue SMiRF Gold? it's easy too work?

sorry the questions but i'm not familiarized with bt communications at all..


Bluetooth might not be a good choice. It's a bit tricky to get going and the range is quite short. Consider xbee instead.


i'm not familiarized with xbee too, but at least bluetooth sounds more "standart".

does xbee "talk" with bluetooth devices? pc? android devices?


How many success stories have you seen posted regarding bluetooth anything and Arduino?

That many, huh? That should tell you something.

does xbee "talk" with bluetooth devices? pc? android devices?

Your google skills failing? No, XBee doesn't talk to bluetooth stuff or Android anything.
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