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I am completely new to robotics and I  know nothing about programming. I am currently working on a project that requires a slow but powerful motor to wind up nylon thread (slowly). Now, as simple as it seems, I can't find a dc motor that is slow enough so I figured I should use a stepper. I have been thinking of buying an Arduino for some time now but for robotics -but this project could introduce me to Arduino. I have only 12 days to buy an all of the gear, learn how to program the stepper motor and rig it to my project...am I insane? Probably. I would like a very good first Arduino that I can continue to use for more advanced robotics after this project. What will I need in terms of stepper, Arduino, battery and anything else? BTW, if anyone has a simple option ( slow dc motor) please fill me in. Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards, Pete


How much torque do you need?
How slow is slow?
How accurate does your slow winding need to be?


I would suggest  the easiest and fastest route to your goal would be an Easydriver board board available from Sparkfun. It is for small motors (.75A per coil) but it is well documented on various sites. Sparkfun also sells a small motor that works well with it. A larger motor would require a driver with more capacity like some inexpensive ones by Pololu. The Playground section of this site has plenty of info to get you started.


Thank you for your quick replies. Jraskell, I need enough winding power for about 500 grams-indirect pull... not hanging but it will still needs some power. If I use a stepper, it can't be too much bigger than 40-50mm wide...length isn't an issue. I need continuous 360 degree rotations every 5 seconds or so. Accuracy? well, what ever is possible. Hopefully very accurate. I live in Australia so I only need product info or Aus sites as it will take too long to post items from the US. Once again, thank you.


Yankee, how much gear would that involve? I don't have a lot of room on board for too much stuff. I would really like something that I can use later on too. I will certainly look into your suggestions though. Thank you for the information.


Both the Easydriver and Pololu boards are tiny, my Easydriver measures 20mm x 50 mm. A Nema 17 size stepper is only 42mm wide. Little Bird Electronics is an Australian source for everything you would need. http://www.littlebirdelectronics.com/


Cheers Yankee! I have had an idea which may make things even harder. Could I make the motor turn 180 degrees then pause and then 180 degrees and pause and so on?


Using the Easydriver or Pololu?


Sure. That's what stepper motors are for ;)


With a stepper motor you could turn .5 degrees, they're extremely accurate


Thank you all for your help! When I get started with Arduino, I'll be back. :)

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